Monday, July 26, 2010

The Voice of God

How do you hear God? The glow of my cell phone illuminated my face as my eyes scanned over this text message again, unsure how to answer. It was the sixth night of staff training, just a short time after completing our evening Bible study. The message came from one of our Cabin Directors who, as I would later find out, was alone in the prayer garden desperately seeking the voice of the Lord in his life. When he didn’t hear from God, doubts began to creep into his mind about whether God could really use him this summer.

Then a ring on his cell phone shattered the stillness of his quiet solitude. The call was from a friend who would be going into the military soon. The friend wanted to know how he could come to know God in a personal way. The staff member was speechless for just a moment, but then he remembered that he had notes from each of the Bible teachings that we had been doing during training week. He pulled out his notes and shared the teachings with his friend, starting with the first night of staff training and finishing with that night’s lesson. When he had finished, his friend was ready to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior!

That moment not only changed the life of the staff member’s friend, but also served as a great encouragement for the staff member himself. That was his first opportunity to lead another person to Christ, and it reassured him that God indeed would be able to use him in powerful ways this summer. And indeed God has done just that. We are over half-way though our summer now, and every day I see how the Lord is impacting the lives of young people through all 16 of our staff members who have committed their summer to ministering on behalf of Christ.

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