Friday, May 14, 2010

Banquet 2010

With an eight-foot tall replica of the Lunar Lander next to a stage decorated like the surface of the moon and a visit from a “space alien,” the 2010 Banquet was an enjoyable night for all who attended. We were pleased to host over 120 guests for the event this year, including several who came for the first time. The theme was called “ALIENS,” and every table was decorated with paper lanterns which radiated green light from an internal glow-stick which will also be given each of our campers this summer.

Following the Open House and Reception, the Banquet started at 6:05 pm. Chuck Teague provided live music as guests entered and took their seats. A warm welcome by O.A. and Charlotte Fish was followed by camp board member Don Alexander who gave the opening prayer. Everyone enjoyed a great free meal, paid for by a list of business friends. After the meal, O.A. and Charlotte again addressed the attendees making some special announcements and recognizing the staff and board members. Then it was time for my summer program presentation. The spacecraft came to life with flashing lights and sound effects. A door opened in the side and an astronaut emerged. The sound effects continued as he took some scans, then removed his helmet revealing that he was an alien. Then I, as the alien, acted out a skit with the help of my wife and two kids portraying that true “signs of life” can only be found in those who know the Lord. All of this led into my presentation of the summer camp program, “ALIENS.” Afterwards, O.A. addressed the audience once again sharing the vision of South Mountain Christian Camp and how God is using the ministry here. He gave examples of the miraculous ways God works in our ministry and how we continue to operate by faith. The evening concluded with an opportunity for attendees to fill out response cards if they wished to be added to our mailing list and even to make donations to the ministry if they felt led to do so while Chuck Teague sang “Amazing Grace.”

More pictures of this year’s Banquet, and video of the theme presentation can be viewed on our website at