Monday, September 20, 2010

The Next Corner

You never know what’s around the next corner. That’s one great thing about the way South Mountain Christian Camp is laid out. As you journey down our winding, gravel roads, the scenery unveils itself to your eyes in the same way that the aroma of your favorite meal fills your nostrils when you enter the kitchen. It has a way of captivating your mind as you marvel at God’s remarkable creation.

Even when you’re familiar with the scenery, surprises can still await you. As I have driven through the Camp over the years I have come upon unexpected deer running through a meadow, turkeys foraging in the field, fox pups frolicking in the road, and many more creatures who call SMCC their home. Once I even came around a bend to see about 20 campers with big grins on their faces who were blocking the road. They insisted that I give them a ride on the golf cart, or they wouldn’t let me pass. That didn’t really work out for them considering that the golf cart only seats four, but the surprise was certainly memorable for me.

The faith-based life can be a lot like the roads here at Camp. When you’re led by the Spirit of God, you never know exactly what’s awaiting you around the next bend (see John 3:8). This same truth applies to SMCC. Without doubt, God has had a purpose and plan for this ministry from the very beginning. He has his hand in every successful thing we do. You might say his “fingerprints” are all over this place. Sometimes He surprises us with his plans, but we know that his way is perfect, and we rest in the knowledge that He will carry it out to completion. And we can't wait to see what's around the next corner!