Thursday, April 28, 2011

No One is Left Out

This scholarship thing really seems to be catching on. Many of you may know that our policy at South Mountain Christian Camp has always been that no child is denied a summer camp opportunity for financial reasons. If parents are unable to pay the entire fee for their child to come to Camp, we allow them to come anyway and trust God to provide scholarships to make up the difference. Well, we've been seeing more and more that scholarships are not just for Summer Camp.

For several years now, we have partnered with the Grace Emmaus Community to host men’s and women’s retreats during the fall and spring. Every attendee on these “Emmaus Walks” is sponsored by someone else who volunteers to pay their fees. This makes the entire retreat all the more meaningful for those to attend, knowing that someone cared enough to pay their way for the retreat.

More recently, we have begun partnering with Harvest Praise Church to host their men’s and women’s “Encounter” retreats. Harvest Praise decided this month to reach out to some of the homeless individuals living a local rescue mission by inviting them to attend their Men's Encounter weekend here at South Mountain. They knew these men would need sponsorships in order to attend the retreat, and they trusted God to provide the funds. They weren't sure where the money would come from but they believed that He would meet the need.

God honored their faith by bringing in every dollar that was needed!

Now Harvest Praise has scheduled a “Youth Encounter” here for next month, and they are trusting God to provide scholarship funds for EVERY teenager who attends so that no one misses out on the opportunity to meet with Him. That's the Kingdom of God in action!

As we get closer to our own Summer Camp program, we are trusting God as well. We see a very pressing need for sponsorships for the campers who will attend because the vast majority of them cannot afford the $155 it costs us to provide a week of Summer Camp. However, we continue to have faith that God will provide.

He is ALWAYS faithful--not just some of the time, or most of the time, but ALL of the time. It’s just His nature to be so. And He delights in meeting the needs of those who trust in Him.