Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Banquet

With a heroic rescue, a superhero vs. supervillain battle, and a stage decorated like a page from a comic book, the 2011 Banquet was a great success. We were pleased to host nearly 150 guests for the annual event this year, including many who came for the first time. The theme was “Heroes of Destiny,” and every table was decorated with superhero logos and glass vases filled with replicas of vintage superhero comic book covers.

Following the Open House and Reception, the Banquet started at 6:05 pm with a welcome by O.A. and Charlotte Fish. Camp board member Don Alexander gave the opening prayer, and everyone enjoyed an extraordinary meal featuring pulled-pork barbecue and grilled chicken, prepared by our new Maintenance Director, Art Reagle. The expenses for the meal were completely paid for by the generosity of our business sponsors.

 Following the meal, O.A. and Charlotte again addressed the attendees making some special recognitions and acknowledgments. This included introducing Art as our new Maintenance Director and Lindsey Lane as our new Cafeteria Manager.

Then it was time for my presentation of the upcoming Summer Camp theme. I enlisted the help of my entire family as we staged the “kidnapping” of my daughter by a blue-headed villain (played by my wife, Jen). I made a quick change into a superhero costume, then sprang into action, battling an evil henchman (played by my son) and rescuing my daughter before capturing and imprisoning the villain.

All of this was to introduce the truth that we’ll be teaching our campers this summer--that God wants to make us heroes. Our summer theme will be centered on this concept that, when we give our lives to God, He does amazing things through us. 

After my presentation, O.A. addressed the audience one more time sharing the vision of South Mountain Christian Camp and how God is using the ministry here. O.A. also made a special acknowledgement of Roger Robinson who served as our Maintenance Director since the Camp began. Roger received a standing ovation for his years of service.

The evening concluded with an opportunity for attendees to fill out response cards if they wished to make donations to the ministry.

You can view more pictures of the Banquet and leave comments on our Picasa page. You can also view and comment on more videos of the Banquet at our YouTube channel. If you missed the Banquet and would like the opportunity to make a donation to the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp, you can do so with the Donate button below.

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