Monday, December 19, 2011

Intricate Parts

Did you know that a 5-speed automatic transmission can have 800-1000 individual parts? I never fully appreciated the intricate detail involved in this amazing piece of craftsmanship until I read about it in the book How Stuff Works. I was in awe of how hundreds of parts work together in perfect synchronization to produce the desired result. I would explain it all to you, but I don’t understand it myself.

It reminds me somewhat of the Kingdom of God. There are many individual parts in God’s Kingdom which are all working together in perfect unity producing dramatic results which can leave the observant believer in awe. For example, last February, I wrote about how God sent our new maintenance director, Art Reagle, to us through a miraculous course of events. Well, Art’s work here connected us with the Christian Motorcyclists Association resulting in a huge collaborated effort to raise funds for the Camp which I wrote about in our Summer/Fall newsletter. Then, that event brought about a divine appointment with the broadcasting department at our local community college resulting in the production of a promotional video for our SEEDS programs at no cost to the Camp. Additionally, the process of producing that video led to a connection with Dale Sollars who, as I wrote in September, designed and installed our new disc golf course!

Some may see these connected events as coincidental, but we know better. These are the “fingerprints of God.” When you are in God’s Kingdom, you are part of something much bigger than yourself. Even the most insignificant occurrence in your life can be our Father’s hand at work, bringing about results that you never could have imagined. Likewise, your support of this ministry can have dramatic effects on an individual’s life, which can, in turn, affect many more lives. You are one of the intricate parts in God’s Kingdom which He uses to bring about remarkable results.