Friday, September 23, 2011

He's On The Move!

When God is ready to move, things can get exciting very quickly. I witnessed this first-hand last month, and it all started with a phone call. Before I tell you about that call, let me preface the story with some background information.

For years now, we’ve had a desire to install a disc golf course here at SMCC. Disc golf, if you’re not familiar with it, is played similarly to traditional golf. Instead of using clubs to hit balls into a hole, however, you throw flying discs toward targets which are designed to catch the disc out of the air and drop it into a basket. It’s a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Unfortunately, when we checked into what it would cost to install a disc golf course, the total price including course design, target purchases, and installation was going to be in the neighborhood of $10 thousand for an 18-hole course.

Then last month I got a phone call from Dale Sollars who’d heard about our desire to install a course here. Dale is a former professional disc golf player who lives nearby, and he wanted to meet with me to see if he could help.

I met with Dale and a friend of his that afternoon. I took them around on the Camp and showed them what we had in mind. Dale remarked that SMCC was the perfect setting for disc golf. Then he went on to explain that he installs disc golf courses. He volunteered to do the design of our course (a $1500 value) for free, and he and his friend would even do the installation (another huge savings).

Dale went on to say that he felt that he might be able to find a few people to sponsor some of the holes to help cover the cost of purchasing the targets, and that he could sell discs to us at a discounted price! When I mentioned that we’d like to host some tournaments once the course is operational, he volunteered to help with that as well, even going to far as to say that he could probably get some prizes donated for the tournament because of his connections with disc golf retailers. I was nearly overwhelmed with all the support God has sent our way, when Dale topped it off by saying that he would sponsor one of the holes himself!

So for the past few weeks Dale has been spending a good amount of time around here, designing a layout for the course that will be beneficial for all ages. He’s come up with a masterful layout that enables our younger campers to play an easy nine holes, but also provides a challenge for more experienced players who want to take on the full eighteen.

Meanwhile, S&P Land Services graciously cleared several acres of land near the lake for the course at no charge, and we’ve found sponsors for most of the 18 holes for the course. The cost of sponsoring a hole is $330. Some of the sponsors are businesses; others are individuals who are doing it as a memorial for a loved one. All the sponsors (or memorials) will be acknowledged on a permanent sign located at the tee area for the hole they sponsored. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole, check out our Disc Golf page for more details.

After years of waiting and hoping, it looks like God is finally bringing disc golf to SMCC. Sometimes waiting on God can seem never-ending, but, when the time is right, God really knows how to get things moving! I hope that you find that same thing to be true in your own life as you wait on Him. May God’s blessing abound to you this day!