Friday, September 28, 2012

The Greatest Miracle

What does it take to change a life? A life can be influenced by many things:  a family member, a book, or even a movie. But the only thing that can actually change a life is Jesus Christ. He doesn’t just influence a person’s behavior, or modify their thinking; He causes a total transformation that stands the test of time.

Take Mandi, for example. She was an orphan by age five and “passed around” for years before coming to live at a group home. Someone there heard about our Summer Camp scholarship program for needy kids and made arrangements for Mandi to attend. She ended up coming to South Mountain for four straight years. Now an adult, she wrote to me last month about her four summers here:

I was 13, a little nervous about being away from my home, but at the same time excited about being somewhere new. I was very happy with the swimming, the gym, and many other activities camp had for us. The biggest event at camp for me this year was I got saved. It was very awesome! The next year was my last year as a camper, but the following year I attended as a Junior Counselor.  I was very nervous and excited about this. Not only because I was in a leadership position, but because I’d be directing the lives of kids for one week. That week was great, and I returned again the next summer for another year as a JC.

Even though my time at SMCC is done, there is so much I took away from there. I have the lessons of God, trust, friendship, and even some lessons in love learned at SMCC. I am now grown, married, have three kids ages 7, 2, and 1. I own my home and car. I know that God has prospered me for the guiding light that I gave to campers and the light that was lit in me that I carried away from camp. I know that if SMCC continues in the ministry it has for many years there will be others, like me, who can learn and take away so much from camp.

Mandi’s life was changed by God at SMCC. Now she is raising three young children to know Jesus in the same way that she came to know him. That’s real change. And there is no greater miracle than the transformed life!

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