Monday, November 26, 2012

Adding Value

What is it that makes an experience valuable? I’ve felt the adrenaline rush of rock climbing in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve tasted the salty water of surfing in the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve heard the thunderous roar of thousands of screaming fans in a stadium. And I’ve known the quiet solitude of sitting alone with the Lord on a mountainside all day. All of these have been memorable experiences, but what makes them valuable? Is it the excitement? The knowledge gained? The people? It may be a combination of things, but one thing is for sure—when you’ve had a great experience, you often want to do it again.

We find this to be the case with many of the groups that come to South Mountain Christian Camp. We provide all sorts of programs for thousands of people each year. Our hope is that each experience is valuable so that they will want to come back again and again. Just last month we hosted sixteen different groups here through our various programs; and, looking back, I was amazed to discover that all sixteen of them had been here before! What is it that draws them back year after year? The truth is, it’s not about the programming or even the facilities. The one thing that adds great value to an experience is the presence of God. He makes all the difference.

That’s what South Mountain has always been about—providing a place where people can experience God. Every year more and more individuals are visiting this place for that reason, and I invite you to do the same. Whether you come with a group for a weekend retreat or just on your own to spend some time in the Prayer Garden, South Mountain is here for you. Just give us a call if you’d like to arrange a visit.