Friday, April 19, 2013

One Body, Many Parts

Last week, the flu moved into my body and began a six-day reign of terror. I was amazed at how quickly I became ill. The day my symptoms began, I felt great. I ran three miles and played 14 holes of disc golf. That afternoon, however, I crawled into bed with body ache, fever, chills, nausea, and a monster headache. My priorities immediately shifted from enjoying a beautiful Saturday with my family to trying to find some way to relieve the pain.

As I began my slow recovery, I reflected on how my body reacted, and how it is an example of the believers today. The Bible says that we (as the church) are the body of Christ. Every part of the body is important, although some parts get more attention than others. When something goes wrong, and one part cannot serve its purpose, it affects the entire body.

You and I each have a vital role to fill as members of Christ’s body. South Mountain Christian Camp does as well. We realize that we cannot be everything to everyone, but God has given us a specific purpose. We seek to fulfill that purpose to the best of our ability. If we were to try to perform a function other than our own, our best efforts would end in futility and chaos. But when we accomplish the purpose for which we were designed, we find contentment and peace.

I want to encourage you today to be who God designed you to be. The full scope of what God is able to accomplish through you can never be truly measured. God has gifted you uniquely to be a blessing to the body of Christ.

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