Friday, September 27, 2013

Quiet Faith

From the moment he first laid eyes on Nathan, his cabin director, Daniel, could sense that something was amiss. It wasn’t just that Nathan was small for his age, and it wasn’t because he was so shy. Daniel had seen plenty of kids all summer long that fit those categories. No, this was something deeper. Daniel sensed in his spirit that Nathan didn’t know Jesus. There was no outward reason to think this was the case, but he began to pray especially hard for Nathan, that God would give him a spiritual breakthrough during his week of camp.

During cabin devotion times, Daniel made a particular effort to keep Nathan engaged in the teaching. This was difficult because Nathan was so shy that he barely spoke to anyone. He would just sit quietly with his head down until the small group time was over. He never commented or asked questions about chapel time either. In fact, he hardly spoke at all. He would answer direct questions with the shortest possible answer and never seemed willing to open up about his relationship with God.

Imagine Daniel’s surprise then, when Nathan approached him out of the blue and asked Daniel to pray with him! Daniel’s spirit leapt inside, but he tried to remain calm outwardly, afraid that too much excitement might cause Nathan to clam up again. They sat down together, and Nathan quietly asked Daniel to help him pray to give his heart to Christ. Daniel then realized that, through all of the cabin devotions, chapels, and prayer times, even though Nathan was quiet, he was taking in every word. His faith was growing more and more like a fire, until it finally strengthened enough to overcome his fear. In that moment, Nathan surrendered his life to God, and he was transformed!

At the end of the week, Nathan made a public confession of faith before the entire camp (over 100 people) and was baptized in our pool. What a miracle! It's a great reminder that faith often works quietly, in the heart, where real change takes place.

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