Friday, April 18, 2014

Vessels of God

Like adventurous ships pulling out of a harbor, venturing into the wide blue sea, I watch our campers every summer head out into the next phase of their lives. Where will they go? What will become of them? God entrusts them to our care for just a short period, but we make the most of that time, equipping them with the training and navigational tools they need to follow God into the great unknown.

Sometimes they veer off course, like David* who came to camp as a teenager but got caught up in partying and drugs after he outgrew our program. When he reached his low point, he called me up, seeking guidance for reconciling his relationship with God. I wrote about that story last year. Now he’s working steadily, seeking God daily, and giving of himself as the primary caretaker for his uncle and grandmother.

Other times they encounter an unexpected storm, like Sherry* who grew dramatically in her relationship with God at camp, but experienced the devastation of domestic abuse and failed marriage as a young adult. Now she excitedly reports that God is healing her and has used her experiences at camp to birth a new passion for family ministries in her community.

Then there are those who manage to stay on course, like Carol* who came to camp throughout her childhood and followed God into a successful career in banking. She stopped by a few weeks ago to share how much camp impacted her life and that the lessons she learned here still give her guidance today.

These are just a few of the ships that radio back to the harbor from time to time. There are thousands of others out there, and we know that the Lord has his eye on each one. As long as God enables us, we will continue equipping these vessels of God to be ready for whatever adventure awaits.

*names have been changed



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