Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making the Connection

Shaky little hands nervously grip the ends of two loose wires, cautiously touching them to either end of a steel rod. A tiny light bulb suddenly flickers to life, and a collective gasp escapes the mouths of eight fourth-graders huddled around the table. “Whoa!” “It works!” “Cool!” “How does it do that?” The excitement of learning bubbles over, and I can almost see the metaphorical light bulbs coming on over their heads.

This is one of my favorite scenes that plays out almost every day during our fall S.E.E.D.S. programs. The students spend the day with us, and, in this particular hands-on activity, they are learning about electric currents. They try touching the wires to samples of plastic, wood, and rope as well but they discover that steel is the only sample that can conduct the electricity, close the circuit, and bring the bulb to life.

The scene reminds me of summer camp. Many of our campers have never been able to connect with God in a real way. Through our summer camp programs, we seek to be the “steel” that closes the gap and the conduit through which the love of God flows. When that happens, new life is born within them, and their lives are changed forever.

Kyle is one example of that. When he came to camp last summer, he’d heard a little about God, but had never experienced Him in a real way. During his time at camp, the truth of the Bible was presented to him in a way he could understand. And he witnessed God’s love at work every day through his cabin director. At chapel on the third night of camp, the connection was made. The spiritual light bulb came on, and he gave his heart to Jesus.

Every connection that is made here is orchestrated by God. He is the one who supplies the power and new life. South Mountain Christian Camp is simply the conductor, but, when He flows through us, amazing things happen.